Quarantine Adventures – Day 1

Quarantine Adventures – Day 1

I think by now we are all pretty well-versed in the Coronavirus conversation.  So I might as well just get right to it!

As I’ve thought in-depth about the pandemic we are faced with, I came to the conclusion that this will be an historical event in our lifetime, and will probably be studied in many more lifetimes to come.  So I thought, as someone who is going to self-quarantine as much as possible, why not chronicle this journey?  We are facing a very interesting social experiment.  All of us, especially the extroverts, are having to readjust our everyday lives and learn to be satisfied within the 4 walls of our homes, and the people inside them.  We watch movies like The Shining, and talk and joke about cabin fever as if it’s this obscure thing, that in modern day society we’ll never have to worry about.  And some ways, that is true, in regards to modern technology.  The concept of being shut in with no contact with the outside world is a scenario that at this point, is long gone.  Still, it’s a huge shift going from everyday activities like work, school, shopping, etc, to never leaving your home.  It’s going to be very interesting to see how we all learn to thrive (fingers crossed!) in these times.

A little background on my situation:  I own a house, where I live with my husband, pets, and every other weekend, my teenage daughter.  I work in healthcare, and also have Type 1 Diabetes.  When all this first started, I wasn’t that concerned.  But as it has escalated so rapidly, I have made the decision to self-quarantine as much as possible.  My immune system puts me too at risk, and if I get this, even if I don’t die, it will take me down for a very long time.  And I’ll be of no use to anyone.  Better to hunker down and wait it out and keep myself and others healthy.  My personal belief is that this is what we should all be doing.

Fortunately, with modern technology and an understanding boss, I am able to do the majority of my work from home.  Especially as our patient load right now is very light.  So here I am, ready to ride this out at home, and journal it along the way.

So here goes:  Self-quarantine:  Day 1

Although I have been staying home as much as possible for about the past 6 days, today was my first full day of not leaving the house, with the exception of walking the dog. (Which I highly recommend, even just for the 10-15 minutes of fresh air.)

I slept in a little, since I didn’t have to actually leave the house.  Got up around 7:45 and responded to some work texts.  While in my pajamas.  Score!

I did about 4-5 hours of work, sporadically.  My husband is also working from home, and we only have one office.  So I am set up at the dining room table.  I sit there to access our patient records, and can do most everything else from my laptop.  So that’s a bonus.  Down side, my husband’s booming voice echoes throughout the house, and all he does is talk on the phone, so if I want peace and quiet, gotta wear the headphones.  All in all not too bad.

I had a mimosa or two in the middle of the day.  Working from home does have its perks!  (Don’t worry, I was off the clock!)  I watched Halloween, my favorite movie of all time that never gets old.  And besides work stress, just tried to take it easy.

This evening I watched episode 2 of The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix.  This show is NOT for the faint of heart.  It’s an important issue and case to know about, but man it is so hard to watch!  No bingeing this one.  One episode a day for sure!

Tonight my husband and I will probably commence with our usual routine.  Binge watching The Office and chilling on the couch.  I am making a mental list of things I want to get done during this time period, so we shall see if I can get through them.  Here are the main ones:

  • Read that stack of books I’ve collected
  • Work on the book I’m writing
  • Send letters and cards to friends and family to brighten their days
  • Deep clean the house
  • Regular naps
  • Perfect my cake decorating skills
  • Have fun with the hubs!!

Now I’m off to order delivery from Taste of Asia (trying to support local business!) and watch The Office.  Hope everyone is having a great day, all things considered.  Until tomorrow…


How Not To Go Crazy While Under Quarantine

How Not To Go Crazy While Under Quarantine

So the Coronavirus has hit your area, and you’re now stuck at home under quarantine.  Introverts, your time has finally come!  The homebodies are ready to continue being just that.

But what about us extroverts, the people that like to be out in society and around others?  How are we to deal with being stuck at home, possibly alone, for up to 14 days, if not longer?  How do we not go completely insane?

Well, I’m  here to tell my fellow extroverts, this can indeed be our time as well!  We just have to shift our mindsets a little.  This can be the break you never knew you always wanted! So in preparation for impending doom, I have created a list of things that I totally intend on doing, should I have to be quarantined.

1. First and foremost:  NAPS! 


This is your time to take back all the naps you refused as a kid.  The older I get, the more I have come to embrace taking naps as just part of my self-care routine.  In the past, I always felt guilty about taking naps, because there’s always something that needs to be done.  But guess what?  You’re forcibly stuck at home, so there’s no reason at all to feel bad about the extra sleep!

Now, if you’re one of those people who can’t just lay down and take a nap, not to worry!  I have suggestions!

  1. In my experience, the easiest and most fun way to get into nap mode is a little “afternoon delight” with your significant other.  Or hell, even with just yourself!  I don’t know about you guys, but nothing makes me feel better after a big O than a big nap!
  2. If that isn’t an option, or not something you’re in the mood for, here’s the second best option:  BOOZE!  I recommend 1 to 1 and 1/2 glasses of wine.  It’s just enough to make you sleepy, but not enough that you’ll feel like trash when you wake up. It’s a perfect nap inducer!

2.  READ!


You know all those books you have sitting around, just waiting to be picked up and devoured?  Now’s the time to do it!  This is most definitely one of my main quarantine goals, if it happens.  So many books, so little time to read…until now!

Don’t own many books?  No problem!  Check out Audible or Kindle Unlimited.  Also check your local library website.  Many public libraries now have the option to check out books online through an app.  And for free, I might add!



Whether you’re like Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen, or more like our friend Hillary here, there’s always new things to learn when it comes to cooking and baking.  And with all this free time, there are tons of new things to try.  Find recipes and tutorials at Food Network Kitchen

Challenge yourself, experiment, go wild!  It’s all in good fun with, and no pressure.  Home with your family?  Have a Top Chef style challenge.  Give everyone the same ingredients and they each have to come up with their own dish.  Home alone?  Learn how to bake that cake or pie you’ve always wanted to.  Or learn how to make homemade bread.  With the internet and all the foodies out there, the possibilities are endless!



How many of us have shows or movies that we hear everyone talk about, and want to watch, but just don’t have the time to commit to it?  Well….here is your time!  And with all the different streaming services available, there’s bound to be something for everyone.  Binge those shows!  Catch up on those Oscar nominated movies you always swore you’d watch.  And do it guilt-free!!

If there’s nothing that immediately comes to mind for you, here are a few personal suggestions from me:

  • The Office (Netflix)
  • The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)
  • Jack Ryan (Amazon Video)
  • Ozark (Netflix)
  • Stranger Things (Netflix)
  • You (Netflix)
  • Any True Crime documentary on Hulu, Amazon, or Netlfix
  • Hunters (Amazon Video)
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Video)
  • The Stranger (Netflix)
  • Anything on Disney Plus!



Marie Kondo the s**t out of your house!  We all have way too much stuff.  We hold on to things, even when we no longer have use for them.  Use this time to reflect on your belongings, get rid of some stuff, and get organized!  Move some furniture around.  Redecorate. Or if you’re not ready to part with things, do a deep cleaning of your home.  You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel in your home after.  If you need tips, check out Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, or her Konmari website.

And if those aren’t enough to keep you busy, here are more ways to fill your time:

  • At home spa day
  • Exercise!!
  • Day drink
  • Clean out apps on your phone and computer
  • Learn a new skill
  • Surf Zillow and find your dream home
  • Make a bucket list
  • Meditate
  • Write!  A book, a journal entry, a blog post, anything you want!
  • Get organized with lists
  • Sex, sex, and more sex
  • Revamp your budget
  • Call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile
  • Write letters or cards to friends and family
  • Listen to some podcasts (My faves: My Favorite Murder, Crime Junkie, This Podcast Will Kill You, Office Ladies, and Marriage & Martinis.)
  • Try that DIY project you’ve always wanted to do
  • Leave online reviews for the businesses you love
  • Color –  adult coloring books are my jam!
  • Create some new music playlists
  • Play board games or video games
  • Learn more about something in history that intrigues you
  • Do a puzzle
  • Check out the website All That Is Interesting. You’re welcome

Most importantly, do what makes you happy. This will be temporary.  And remember, you will get through it.  You might as well enjoy yourself as much as possible while you do!