S1, Sipisode 8: Top 5 Favorite 80’s and 90’s Heartthrobs

On this sipisode, Jenn and I sat down to relive our teen years and our first loves. A countdown of our most beloved heartthrobs from the 80’s and 90’s. Including 2 decades made it a little tough. But, Jenn and I are the same age, so we were pretty confident we’d have AT LEAST 2Continue reading “S1, Sipisode 8: Top 5 Favorite 80’s and 90’s Heartthrobs”

Sipisode 7: Top 5 Best Picture Oscar Winners

On this sipisode, Matthew and I discuss our top 5 favorite best picture Oscar winners. With the pandemic, we know our Oscar experience this year, if we get one, will be different. So we are celebrating the movies that made us fall in love with movies

Sipisode 5: Top 5 FRIENDS Holiday Episodes

On sipisode 5, I was joined by good friend of the pod Kasey Box. In honor of the holiday season, and our love of FRIENDS, we counted down our top 5 favorite holiday episodes of the show. Kasey said we would have 3 in common. I also agreed and said 3. How did we do?Continue reading “Sipisode 5: Top 5 FRIENDS Holiday Episodes”

Sipisode 3: Top 5 Favorite Political Movies and Shows

I’m once again joined by Matthew, we had a good time listing our top 5 favorite Political Movies and Shows. There are so many interesting and groundbreaking choices out there! Matthew predicted we would have 1 in common. I predicted we would have 2. How did we do? Matthew’s Top 5: 5: “The Politician.” (NetflixContinue reading “Sipisode 3: Top 5 Favorite Political Movies and Shows”

Bonus Sipisode: Top 5 Ways to Get “In the Mood.”

In this very special (and lengthy!) sipisode, my friends Beth and Michael join me as we discuss the 5 best ways to get us in the mood for lovemaking. We take a deep dive into the physical, mental, and emotional components that can make or break your sexual relationships. This no-holds-barred conversation addresses desires, fantasies,Continue reading “Bonus Sipisode: Top 5 Ways to Get “In the Mood.””

Sipisode 4: Top 5 WTF TV Show Moments

Once again, my lovely friend Jennifer joined me for some drinks and some fun. We sat down to list our top 5 WTF TV Show Moments. The shows that literally made you say the words “what the fuck?” We both agreed there are a lot to choose from! Our predictions for how many we wouldContinue reading “Sipisode 4: Top 5 WTF TV Show Moments”

Sipisode 2: Top 5 Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptations

Episode 2 featured my wonderful friend, Jennifer Higgins. We had a lot of laughs discussing our failed episode we had previously recorded! We did a countdown of our top 5 favorite book-to-screen adaptations. This included both films and tv shows. Jenn and I made our predictions on how many we would have in common. WeContinue reading “Sipisode 2: Top 5 Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptations”

Sipisode 1: Top 5 Favorite Horror Villains

To kick off the very first episode of The Sip List, my new cousin-in-law Matthew and I sat down to discuss our top 5 favorite horror villains of all time. This was an especially tough list for me, since horror is my favorite genre. Matthew and I each made a guess as to how manyContinue reading “Sipisode 1: Top 5 Favorite Horror Villains”