S1, Sipisode 8: Top 5 Favorite 80’s and 90’s Heartthrobs

On this sipisode, Jenn and I sat down to relive our teen years and our first loves. A countdown of our most beloved heartthrobs from the 80’s and 90’s. Including 2 decades made it a little tough. But, Jenn and I are the same age, so we were pretty confident we’d have AT LEAST 2Continue reading “S1, Sipisode 8: Top 5 Favorite 80’s and 90’s Heartthrobs”

Sipisode 5: Top 5 FRIENDS Holiday Episodes

On sipisode 5, I was joined by good friend of the pod Kasey Box. In honor of the holiday season, and our love of FRIENDS, we counted down our top 5 favorite holiday episodes of the show. Kasey said we would have 3 in common. I also agreed and said 3. How did we do?Continue reading “Sipisode 5: Top 5 FRIENDS Holiday Episodes”

My crappy blog introduction

Allow me to introduce myself:  My name is Amanda, and I hate introductions.  How are you supposed to do a blog intro anyway?  To me it feels like the first day of school, where the teacher makes you stand up, say your name, and “tell us something about yourself.”  I always panic in that situation. Continue reading “My crappy blog introduction”