Sipisode 5: Top 5 FRIENDS Holiday Episodes

On sipisode 5, I was joined by good friend of the pod Kasey Box. In honor of the holiday season, and our love of FRIENDS, we counted down our top 5 favorite holiday episodes of the show. Kasey said we would have 3 in common. I also agreed and said 3. How did we do?Continue reading “Sipisode 5: Top 5 FRIENDS Holiday Episodes”

Sipisode 3: Top 5 Favorite Political Movies and Shows

I’m once again joined by Matthew, we had a good time listing our top 5 favorite Political Movies and Shows. There are so many interesting and groundbreaking choices out there! Matthew predicted we would have 1 in common. I predicted we would have 2. How did we do? Matthew’s Top 5: 5: “The Politician.” (NetflixContinue reading “Sipisode 3: Top 5 Favorite Political Movies and Shows”