Sipisode 3: Top 5 Favorite Political Movies and Shows

I’m once again joined by Matthew, we had a good time listing our top 5 favorite Political Movies and Shows. There are so many interesting and groundbreaking choices out there!

Matthew predicted we would have 1 in common. I predicted we would have 2. How did we do?

Matthew’s Top 5: 5: “The Politician.” (Netflix 2019-Present) 4: “JFK.” (1991) 3. “Commander-in-Chief.” (2005) 2. “The Irishman.” (Netflix, 2020) 1. “Lincoln.” (2012)

Amanda’s Top 5: 5. “Designated Survivor.” (2016-2019) 4. “The Distinguished Gentleman.” (1992) 3. “Election.” (1999) 2. “House of Cards.” (Netflix, 2013-2018) 1. “The American President.” (1995.)

We had 0/5 in common! What!! Oh well, both sets of choices were amazing and we highly recommend all of them.

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