Bonus Sipisode: Top 5 Ways to Get “In the Mood.”

In this very special (and lengthy!) sipisode, my friends Beth and Michael join me as we discuss the 5 best ways to get us in the mood for lovemaking. We take a deep dive into the physical, mental, and emotional components that can make or break your sexual relationships.

This no-holds-barred conversation addresses desires, fantasies, turn-ons and turn-offs, love, romance, fears and insecurities, the harmful effects of purity culture and pornography, and the need to normalize talking about sex with our partner. And as it turns out, men and women’s needs actually aren’t all that different!

Beth’s Top 5: 5. Prioritizing sex and focusing on how your partner makes you feel. 4. Subscription boxes. 3. Planning and anticipation for sex. 2. Change of scenery. 1. Fantasy.

Mike’s Top 5: 5. Wine. 4. Music. 3. Fantasy. 2. Boobs. 1. Enthusiasm for your partner.

Amanda’s Top 5: 5. Music. 4. Erotic books and movies. 3. Massage. 2. Soft touches. 1. Talking about it.

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