Sipisode 4: Top 5 WTF TV Show Moments

Once again, my lovely friend Jennifer joined me for some drinks and some fun. We sat down to list our top 5 WTF TV Show Moments. The shows that literally made you say the words “what the fuck?” We both agreed there are a lot to choose from!

Our predictions for how many we would have in common were:

Jenn: 1 Amanda: 1

Jenn’s list:

5. The Sopranos, Series Finale. 4. Westworld S1, Ep7: Revelation that Bernard is a host. 3. The Haunting of Hill House S1, Ep5: Identity of the bent neck lady is revealed. 2. Grey’s Anatomy S5, Ep24: Identity of John Doe is revealed. 1. Game of Thrones S3, Ep9: The Red Wedding.

Amanda’s list:

5. FRIENDS, S4, Ep23: Monica and Chandler in bed together. 4. How I Met Your Mother, Series Finale. 3. House of Cards, S2 Ep1: Zoe’s death. 2. Ozark, S1 Ep10: Mason baptizes his baby. 1. Grey’s Anatomy, S5, Ep24: Identity of John Doe is revealed/S16, Ep16: Alex’s departure.

We were both correct with the 1 in common! And all solid choices!

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