S1, Sipisode 8: Top 5 Favorite 80’s and 90’s Heartthrobs

On this sipisode, Jenn and I sat down to relive our teen years and our first loves. A countdown of our most beloved heartthrobs from the 80’s and 90’s.

Including 2 decades made it a little tough. But, Jenn and I are the same age, so we were pretty confident we’d have AT LEAST 2 in common. So, how did we do?

Jenn’s Top 5: 5. Leonardo Dicaprio/Brad Pitt (tie) 4. River Phoenix 3. Jared Leto 2. Jordan Knight 1. Corey Haim

Amanda’s Top 5: 5. Patrick Swayze 4. Ralph Macchio 3. John Cusack 2. Mark-Paul Gosselaar 1. Luke Perry

Zero in common! Neither of us could believe it! We did have a lot of the same choices on our long lists, but our top fives did not match up! Oh well. It was so much fun going back in time and dishing over these amazing men!

You can find this episode on Apple, Spotify, Google, or wherever you get your podcast fix. You can also find The Sip List on social media.

Until next time…JUST KEEP SIPPING!

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