London BABY!

I have officially reached Defcon 1.  And it’s not because of all the severe spring weather we seem to be having lately. (Note, I’m an Okie and I take severe weather seriously.)  No, I’m on high alert about something very important, something very near and dear to my heart.  Something that is going to change the world.  That’s right, it’s Royal Baby Watch 2015.  Yes, the countdown is underway, as any moment now the pleasantly plump Duchess Kate will be giving birth to a scrumptious little prince or princess.

Alas, I am still waiting.  As Joey Tribbiani would say, I am Westminster crabby!  I need to see this newest addition to the royal family already!  I guess I should explain that I’ve had a borderline insane obsession with the royal family since I was a little girl.  I can remember watching the video of Diana and Charles getting married and thinking I’d never seen anything more beautiful.  I cried when Diana died.  When William married Kate, I called in sick to work and got up to watch the coverage starting at 4am.  It is definitely what fairytales are made of.  A beautiful commoner who marries a prince and inherits a kingdom.  How can you not be completely enthralled?  And when Prince George was born, I waited impatiently to see the first pics of the dashing little future king of England.

The British bookies have been busy placing their bets as to whether it will be a prince or a princess, and what the names will be.  For a girl, right now Alice is the top contender with odds of 6/4.  Other top girl names in the running are Elizabeth, (6/1) Charlotte, (6/1) Victoria, (10/1) and Alexandra. (14/1)  I would personally love to see a little princess Diana, but that one has the lowest odds, with 20/1.  I guess that would be a lot of pressure for a little girl.  But come on, another Princess Diana?  I would go insane with excitement.  Maybe if it’s a girl that can be her middle name!

Of course, It could always be another little prince. The name James is topping bets with odds of 16/1. Arthur comes in next at 25/1 while Henry, Philip, Alexander and Albert are all tied at 33/1 odds.

So until the newest royal makes his or her debut, I will be sitting here impatiently with my knickers in a twist, getting sloshed and being cheeky until the delicious little one arrives.  It better not happen while I’m at work or I’ll have to risk being sacked just to watch the coverage.  For me, the royal family is the bees knees and anyone else who doesn’t think so is just dodgy in my opinion!

Cheers to all for reading, and I hope you have a bloody great day!


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