Irony In The Time Of COVID

President Trump has COVID. (supposedly.)

While I have doubts about the validity of all of this, for the purposes of this post, we are going to assume it’s the truth. Now, after I laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and then laughed some more, I started to have some emotional thoughts about this. It seems like a lot of people are happy about his diagnosis. Whether because it’s ironic, or even worse, because they hate him so much they hope he dies, people are going off about it.

I am not happy about it. As much as I despise him and would never wish him well, I will not wish sickness or death on anyone. As a decent human, a Christian, and a healthcare worker, I can’t ever wish for that. What I am feeling is anger. I am pissed off. Livid. And all of you should be too. Here’s why:

  • I am angry that he was aware of the dangers of this virus as early as January, and kept it from the American public.
  • I am angry that he admittedly downplayed the dangers of the virus, in an attempt to make himself look better and “not cause a panic.”
  • I am angry that he has had the world’s best doctors and scientists in his ear and on his side, and has deliberately ignored or discounted their expertise and guidance.
  • I am angry that he used China as his scapegoat, while refusing to enforce safety measures that would have saved lives in his own country.
  • I am angry that he used ventilators and PPE as bargaining chips with state governments.
  • I am angry that 200,000 Americans are dead, over 6 million have been infected, and that countless of those that “recovered” have still not fully recovered, and may have lifelong lasting effects from this disease.
  • I am angry that he has had an abundance of the best PPE available to him and his family, and they have all refused to use it.
  • I am angry that he and his family feel the rules don’t apply to them, and were not tested before the debate, and that his family refused to wear masks (which were provided to them) during the debate.
  • I am angry that the SCOTUS announcement ceremony seems to have been the “superpsreader” event, and at which people were shaking hands, hugging, sitting right next to each other, and for the most part not wearing masks.
  • I am angry that he has consistently denied science and medicine, and has defied top health experts, and called the virus a hoax, but now suddenly believes in and trusts it because HE is sick.
  • I am angry that he is receiving expensive experimental treatments at a hospital which OUR tax money funds, but for which he has paid a one-time payment of $750 into. Meanwhile his citizens have died because some hospitals weren’t well-equipped enough to treat everyone infected.
  • I am angry that he has the best medicine, doctors, staff, comfort, physical and emotional care available at his disposal, while he is actively working to take health care away from millions of Americans.
  • I am angry that his staff is not being transparent about when he got sick, and thus not accurately informing everyone who he came in contact with that they may have been exposed.
  • I am angry that it appears he knew Hope Hicks tested positive minutes before he was to leave for an event, and chose to go ahead with those plans anyway.
  • I am angry that those on the right are now demanding that we show respect, care, and concern, to a man who has repeatedly shown us nothing but disrespect. A man who mocked Hilary Clinton’s illness on a national stage, and who said about 200,000 Americans dying under HIS leadership, “it is what it is.”
  • I am angry that he has discounted the use of masks every chance he gets, and even makes fun of those who choose to wear them.
  • I am angry that he withdrew our nation from the WHO in an attempt to blame them for the outbreak in America, and took control of tracking information from the CDC so that he can skew the numbers in his favor, and withhold information from us if he chooses.

He MUST be held accountable, friends. He admitted that he knew the virus was more dangerous than he let on. That alone should have been enough to demand his removal from office. Not to mention his other atrocious decisions and behavior.

VOTE!!! Vote like your life depends on it. Vote like the lives of everyone you hold dear depend on it. Vote in person if at all possible. Vote early. Do not let anything or anyone stand in your way. Do not let fear-mongering or intimidation deter you. Even if you think everything he has done “isn’t that bad” because it hasn’t affected you, if given four more years, he will certainly do something that does.


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