Stuff my drama tween says

Over the years my adorable and witty daughter has said some pretty hilarious things.  I started writing them down mostly just for my own amusement and to reflect on her cuteness.  It really is true, kids say the darndest things!  So I thought I would share some of my favorite Abby musings and maybe you all can have a little giggle too.

– “Someone told me I have a sparkle in my eye, but I didn’t do anything with glitter today.”

– “I wish I was a witch so I could fly aroud on a broom.”

– “I’m smart, because I eat smarties.” (can’t argue with that logic!)

– “What is Mrs. Clause’s first name?” (I’ve always wondered that myself!)

– “I would never want to be a vampire, because I wouldn’t be able to see my own reflection.” (I agree!)

– “My friend Gabby says she’s allergic to cats, so I’m not sure why she likes Hello Kitty.”

– “My heart is filled with love for hot chocolate.”  (Mine too honey, mine too)

– “If you look in my shirt, you might find a surprise.” (note: she was hiding something from us under her shirt)

– “I don’t want to waste my time doing homework.” (and I don’t want to waste my time helping you with it!)

– “I’m gonna open a lemonade stand and charge $2.  And I’m gonna put a sign that says no change.  I don’t want any of that stuff, it’s George Washingtons only!”  (apparently she doesn’t like money that jingles!)

– “They should call Panda Express Chicken Express.  To call it Panda Express they need to have food that pandas would eat.”

– “Beer tastes like salty socks.” (don’t ask me HOW she knows this!)

Those are just some of the crazy things she has said.  That girl makes me laugh!  I hope you all had a little laugh too.  Have a great Tuesday!

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