All my favorite men…

I started thinking today about all the celebrity crushes I’ve had over the years.  And there have been a lot! Many have come and gone, and a select few have always stayed close to my heart.  So as a treat for me as well as all the ladies out there, I’m going to share some of my favorite pieces of man candy and the reasons why I love them!

Because I was young…

Ralph Macchio  

 From the first time he put on that kimono and managed to defeat a bully twice his size, I knew he was definitely sexy in my book!

Andrew McCarthy  

 Whether he was secretly pining for Leslie in St. Elmo’s Fire, or quietly pursuing Andie in Pretty in Pink, this prepster always gave me butterflies.  And who could forget Weekend At Bernie’s??

Luke Perry 

 Dylan McKay…man of my adolescent dreams.  I pined, I dreamed, I obsessed.  Sadly he never became mine, but sometimes I still dream that he did.  🙂

Because they were cute then AND now…

Mark-Paul Gosselaar  

 Zack Morris was another boy of every girl’s dreams I think.  That all American smile and charm made him irresistable.  And he definitely grew up to be hunkier than ever.  He’s cute and hilarious on Franklin and Bash, and still a dreamboat!

Patrick Dempsey

  He stole my heart in Can’t Buy Me Love, showing everyone that the geek can in fact get the girl.  Of course we all know he grew up to be McDreamier than ever on Grey’s Anatomy.  I still can’t believe he’s gone!  But I’d for sure let him mow my yard or operate on my brain anytime!

Because older men need love too…

George Clooney 

 Be still my heart!  How is it possible that the older this man gets, the hunkier he gets?  He grabbed my attention as Dr. Doug Ross, and he never lost it.  He is truly the perfect male specimen.

Kevin Costner 

 Sexiest Robin Hood ever!  The kiss at the end after he kills the Sherrif of Nottingham solidified his place in my heart!  What girl doesn’t want to hear the man she loves telling her he would die for her?

Harrison Ford 

 From Han Solo to the President, he brings the sexy to every single role, even when he doesn’t mean to.  That husky voice and sexy smile always have me enthralled.  I mean, who can yell “get off my plane” and still manage to sound sexy?

Because abs…

Ryan Reynolds 

 Enough said.

Tyrese  Gibson


Because altheletes…

Tom Brady 

 Deflategate be damned!  Any time that tight Patriot booty is on the field, I pay attention.  And that face is pretty easy on the eyes too…

Russell Westbrook 

  Ah, my sexy, brooding hunk of Thunder.  He’s so aggressive and in the zone on the court, but his smile shows his heart of gold.  And that body is bangin!  Plus, you have to applaud his bold fashion choices…

Because diversity…

Idris Elba 

 What a sexy, chocolately hunk of a man.  And oh, the British accent.  So incredibly sexy!

L.L. Cool J 

 Doin it and doin it and doin it well…mmm…hmmm…

Andy Garcia 

 Nothing like a Latin lover to get your blood pumping.  That handsome face and velvety voice have had me hooked for years.  And a man that can cry…yep that will do it too!

Mark Consuelos 

 Mr. Kelly Ripa is a slice of man cake with extra frosting!  That skin, that smile, those teeth!  He just looks like a fun dad and a sexy husband!

Because musicians…

Adam Levine  

 Oh honey…so smoldering and dangerous looking.  You can sing to me anytime!

Justin Timberlake  

 Who doesn’t love a guy who’s adorable, funny, and can sing you sweet, sweet love songs?  Baby you can bring sexy back to my hosue anytime you want!

Because they’ve always had my heart and always will…

Paul Walker  

 His was one of the few celebrity deaths that I took really hard.  I legitimately felt sad about it for days.  And anytime I see one of his movies, it always comes rushing back. Everything about him screamed perfection! R.I.P to one of my all time celebrity loves!

Josh Duhamel   

 He stole my heart on Las Vegas and I never fully got it back.  I was actually bummed when he married Fergie.  He’s funny, cool, sexy, and adorable all at the same time.  What’s not to love?

Ben Affleck 

 My favorite Hollywood hunk of all time.  My free pass.  The one guy I would leave my husband for.  (ok that’s not true, and I’d never get the chance anyway.)  I’ve always loved him, even when others hated him.  I hated JLo for dating him and rooted for Jennifer Garner when she married him.  Their divorce really bummed me out.  But I still love Ben and always will!  He can make me laugh or make me cry at the drop of a hat.  And oh the sexiness…it’s just too much for me!  I can never look away!

Hollywod hunks aside… 

 In all seriousness…here is my FAVORITE man of them all…my hubby!  That is one tall drink of water!  Not to mention sweet, funny, caring, and kind.  He’s the best husband I could ask for.  And I know no matter what happens,  he will always give me butterflies and make me laugh!

I hope you all enojoyed these few minutes of man candy.  It defintely perked up my day a little!  Happy Tuesday everyone!


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