Justice for George – Derek Chauvin Trial, Day 6

Monday’s testimony kicked off with Dr. Bradford Wankhede Langenfield, the emergency physician at Hennepin County Medical Center who pronounced George Floyd dead. Dr. Langenfield testified that when Mr. Floyd arrived at the hospital, the paramedics advised him that they had been trying to resuscitate Mr. Floyd for approximately 30 minutes. His team then worked onContinue reading “Justice for George – Derek Chauvin Trial, Day 6”

Justice for George – Derek Chauvin Trial, Day 5

Day 5 of the Derek Chauvin trial was a short day, and brought the testimony of 2 high-ranking officers from the Minneapolis police department. The first witness of the day was Sgt. Jon Edwards, who was called, by Sgt. Pleoger, to Cup Foods crime scene after being notified of a possible “critical incident” to secureContinue reading “Justice for George – Derek Chauvin Trial, Day 5”

The Perfection Hypocrisy

This will be a short one, but there was just something I wanted to get off my chest. This is a point that most people aren’t addressing, or at least not that I’ve seen. When these police shootings happen, we always hear the same things from the people who refuse to acknowledge any police wrongdoing.Continue reading “The Perfection Hypocrisy”